Online Journal Management System
Manuscript Submission & Peer Review & Editorial Management & Preprint Works.

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Everything you need to be accepted by indexes/databases

Tools, advice/support for being accepted by databases/indexes.

Check Points during Submission

You can set check points for manuscript submission steps.

for Repositories

Automatic XML production for repositories.

Plagiarism - Crosscheck Option

Integrated plagiarism - crosscheck option for manuscripts.

Your Reviewer Database

You can search/invite/add new reviewers and build your reviewer database.

Tasks - Positions - Editors

You can determine tasks / positions for unlimited numbers of editors.

Notifications & Reports

Customizable notifications & reports for everything in your journal.


You can use your or our Crossref membership for DOI registration.

Audio Abstract

You can convert manuscript abstracts to mp3 by one click. Readers can listen your abstracts in journal homepage.

Publication Fee Processing

Payment gateway for APC, determining, collecting and management of charges.

Detailed Statistics & Analytics

Detailed statistics of your journal about every everything and everyone.

Journal Citation

Get citation count for your journal total, yearly, and detailed.


Article Submission Tools

  • PDF conversion is being handled automatically
  • All of the required documents could be sent online
  • Authors may see/check the quality of images during submission
  • User friendly submission process
  • Flexible and configurable submission process
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Review Process

  • Ability to change review options according to your journal
  • Reviewers can review articles online
  • Reviewers can get email and SMS alerts
  • Reviewers can review articles from different journals without changing account
  • Reviewers can see previously reviewed articles
  • Reviewers can get report about previously reviewed articles
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Editorial Board

  • User friendly interface for editors
  • Configurable email alerts for all steps
  • Ability to study with associate editors
  • Ability to add unlimited editors for additional works (publishing editor, grammatical editor, composing editor etc.)
  • Ability to change the permissions of every single editor
  • Detailed statistics
  • Full control of articles at every step
  • Reminder messages for articles waiting for revision
  • Reminder messages for articles waiting for reviewing
  • Reminder messages for uncompletely submitted articles
  • Configurable emails
  • Quick search through editorial board
  • Ability to submit unlimited revisions
  • Addition of configurable Cover Letter to Manuscript Details Header
  • Ability to add unlimited Reviewer for an article
  • Ability to prepare and add Review Form to be filled by reviewers
  • Ability to send offers to potential reviewers
  • Ability to send proof to the Author for approval prior to publication
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session
  • Ability to request payment from authors

Publishing Tools

  • Plagiarism check (CrossCheck / iThenticate).
  • You could also use your own CrossCheck/iThenticate account.
  • DOI assign for your articles.
  • Production of XML for DOI (Crossref).
  • You could also use your own Crossref account.
  • Enhanced pre-publish steps
    1. Dashboard
    2. Grammatical editing
    3. Composing/typesetting
    4. Author proof
    5. Online first
    6. Author payments
    7. Future issue planning
  • XML production for
    1. DOAJ
    2. Pubmed Central (PMC)
    3. Pubmed
    5. RePEc / ReDIF
  • Automatic production of
    1. Table of contents
    2. Author index
    3. Subject index
    4. Reviewer Index
    5. Audio-Abstract Option
  • Ability to combine all articles of an issue in one PDF

Journal Promotion

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Journal of Medical Research and Reviews
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